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LED Retrofit Lighting Offers Significant Energy Savings

Safer and More Secure Schools

and Peak Learning Atmospheres.


Neu-Tech Energy Solutions is a leader in energy-efficient lighting solutions for the education market. From K-12 to community colleges, universities and technical schools, we offer a full-line of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting retrofit solutions.

Top 4 Issues Facing Administrators and Educators

We have done our homework and learned from educators and administrators what challenges schools are facing today, The top four are as follows:

  1. Safety risks associated with mercury-filled florescent tubes
  2. Pressure to manage rapidly increasing energy costs
  3. Security of staff, students, as well as buildings, parking lots, and campuses
  4. Providing peak learning environments

Neu-Tech Energy Solution’s LED retrofit bulbs offer significant savings in many ways:

  • Protect your lighting investment by using your existing fixtures
  • Reduce your energy consumption up to 80%
  • Minimize the expense of ongoing bulb replacement and ballast maintenance



More Secure Parking Lots For Educators and Students Safety

s24 School Lighting Classroom

LED Tubes Provide A Safer Alternative To Mercury Filled Fluorescents

Facility Managers and Administrators Love Our LED Retrofits For High Wattage Outside Parking Lots, Auditoriums and Sports Lights.

Our LED Retrofits Eliminate Maintenance Headaches And Lower Energy Cost By Up To 80%!

Our American Made LED Retrofits Last Up To 100,000 PLUS Hours And Have A 5 Year Warranty. They are also UL and DLC Listed Which Is Important When Applying For Any Kind Of Rebates With Your Utility Company

cul enviro rohs lighting facts

 Use Your Own Fixture

Forget about buying a new fixture. Our patent pending Retrofit Kits convert HID and Fluorescent light fixtures into maintenance free, energy efficient LED fixtures.

We Can Convert 99% Of Any HID To An LED And Do It In Less Than 30 Minutes.


Retrofit lights

 LED Light On Yoke Bracket w/Mogul Adapter LED light on Single Plate Install in less than 30 minutes

2 LED Units...8 Wattages Available

Model 4827: Select from 4 Wattages via a dip switch

30W, 40W, 50W and 60W

Model 4293 Select from 4 Wattages via a dip switch 

80W,90W, 100W and our NEW High Output 134W unit.

NEW NTM21 Series...Smaller Unit Only 4" Dia. Available In

30,40,50 or 60 Watt

Recent Applications From The Hundreds We Have Done Across The US

Administrator Building Parking Lot and Flood Light

 Retrofits Lights

 Flood Lights with optics to light up side of building.

Saving 78% in energy cost.

 Parking Garage Lighting

 UniversityParking Garage Lighting Guardco Unit From MH to LED

classroom picture 

 LED Tubular Lightging For Classrooms 

School Auditorium

High Bay Lighting for Gymnasiums Or Auditoriums

New Product For Auditoriums 


Professional Series Par 38-Z

8x Brighter Than All Others

Replaces Par, BR, HID and Fluorescents Lamps Up To 650W

Highest Lumens Per Watt Of Its Kind In The World

Exceptional Savings For School Lighting

Last 24X Longer Than Incadescent Par Lamps

Will Pay For Itself In Less Than A Year

87% Less Heat Output Than Standard Lamp


Great For Auditoriums Other School Lighting Applications 

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Parking Garage Retrofit

Parking Garage Retrofit For University  

200 Watt Induction

Parking Lot School

Under 2 Year Return On Investment In Most Cases

With Neu-Tech’s LED retrofit kits, educational facilities will experience an outstanding return on investment – in most cases less than two years -- by installing LED lighting.

No-Cost, NO-Obligation “Return-On-Investment Analysis”

Let Neu-Tech work with you to develop a no-cost, no-obligation “Return-On-Investment Analysis”, comparing your current lighting system costs to our more energy efficient alternatives!

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